We’ve tried to make it as easy as possible to sign up and play here at ReefSpins. But it is inevitable that you might still have a few questions about how we do things on the site. That’s why we have put together this comprehensive FAQ – a simple resource you can refer to if you have an issue. Remember that we also have Terms and Conditions and Security Policy pages – check them out for more details. And if in doubt, you can always Contact Us as well.

Table of Contents

1. Creating a ReefSpins Account
2. Playing Online at ReefSpins
3. Deposits & Withdrawals at ReefSpins
4. General ReefSpins Bonus Information
5. Documents & Security at ReefSpins
6. Improving ReefSpins FAQs

1. Creating a ReefSpins Account

1.1: Is it permitted to gamble online in my area?

Rules and regulations for gambling online are different around the world. It can be hard to keep track of the restrictions for countries and jurisdictions – we completely understand this. As long as where you live is included in the list of available countries you can see when you join ReefSpins, then you should be OK to crack on! However, it is your responsibility to make sure. If you have any doubts, just check the laws in your jurisdiction.

1.2:I sent my docs in to ReefSpins. What happens now?

All verification documents that you upload will be reviewed by our Fraud Prevention Team. Typically, they will be denied or approved within 72 hours.

Our Fraud Prevention Team will notify you by email in the event that your verification documents are denied, or if extra documentation is required. Contact Us if you don’t get an email back within a day of uploading your documents.

1.3: What should I do if I can’t remember my ReefSpins login ID or password?

We all forget our login details at times. If this happens to you, don’t worry. Click the LOGIN button in the right-hand sidebar, then use the FORGOTTEN PASSWORD button. This will ask for the email address connected to the account, so enter that and instructions will be sent by email.

1.4: Why can’t I login to my ReefSpins account?

You might be struggling to access your ReefSpins account for a variety of reasons. These include fraud prevention, self-exclusion and making multiple failed attempts to login. These are all reasons why a ReefSpins account may be banned, locked or suspended. If you’re sure your login details are right but you cannot get access to your ReefSpins account, you should Contact Us

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2. Playing Online at ReefSpins

2.1: Is there a demo mode or fun money option to try the ReefSpins casino?

Right now, we have been unable to offer a demo mode or fun money option at ReefSpins. This is solely so we can offer an elite experience to our valued VIP customers. You can, though, try out playing at ReefSpins before making a deposit by making the most of our Welcome Promotion. We will give you some free spins to test the site out.

2.2: Is there a way to check my ReefSpins game history?

You can find your game history at ReefSpins through the Account History of the site. To find this, use the left-hand sidebar and click HISTORY. From the options, use GAME PLAY.

2.3: Where can I learn about new ReefSpins games?

New ReefSpins games are always posted to our Promotions page. We also send, via email, regular updates to all active members at ReefSpins. In the event that you haven’t been getting these messages and want to make sure you do, Contact Us and we will sort that out for you.

2.4: Are ReefSpins’s games fair?

Sure, of course they are! We are fully licensed and have games from the world’s top casino game developers. Reviews of our games are carried out regularly in order to maintain our license and make sure Fair Gaming Practices are being followed. ReefSpins works best when all of our valued customers are having a good time. So we need to make sure games pay out properly – you can be assured that they are all 100% fair.

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3. Deposits & Withdrawals at ReefSpins

3.1: What ReefSpins deposit options are offered?

Lots! The chances are your preferred option is included. We have several options to make deposits, with a few different currencies also available, including EUR and AUD of course. Some of the deposit options currently offered at ReefSpins are as follows:

Debit and Credit Cards

We make sure that we update this list regularly with new methods added, so check back to see if any changes have been made. More information about ReefSpins deposit and withdrawal options is available on our Deposits & Payments page. You can always Contact Us as well.

3.2: My ReefSpins deposit was not credited to my account?

Here at ReefSpins, deposits that have been approved should go straight into your ReefSpins account with no delay. In the event of a deposit being made and not being credited to your ReefSpins account, do not hesitate to Contact Us. Then, we can look into it and find an answer to the problem with the deposit you have made.

3.3: Can I use a credit card that is registered to someone else?

No, sorry. We cannot allow you to use a credit card that is registered to someone else as we need to prevent fraud and protect our players here at ReefSpins. When you sign up, you will have to verify your account by providing matching information. If you sign up with another credit card then you will not be able to cash out any winnings associated with your account.

3.4: What ReefSpins payment options are offered?

The following payment options are available at ReefSpins at the time of writing:

Wire Transfers/EFT

We are working hard to expand the payment options that we have available at ReefSpins. Keep checking back to this page regularly as the list will be updated as soon as options are added.

3.5: How long does ReefSpins take to pay winnings?

We know our VIPs value fast payments so we aim to review and approve your winnings within 1 business day. During the withdrawal process, payments will be sent on to third-party processors. After this, it is down to them how long it will take for the cash to get to you. Here are some estimates for how long you can expect to be waiting, though:

Wire Transfer/EFT – 7-10 business days
Bitcoin – 1 business day

At this point we should note that you can only process payments using methods you have to deposit with in the past while using your ReefSpins account. This applies for all methods excluding Wire Transfer/EFT payments.

More detailed information on banking policies at ReefSpins is available on our Deposits & Payments page, so check that out. And if you have any questions, you can Contact Us.

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4. General ReefSpins Bonus Information

4.1: How do ReefSpins bonuses work?

Two types of bonuses are typically offered to players at ReefSpins:

Deposit Bonuses:

For deposit bonuses, you normally need to make a cash deposit to be able to claim them. There are usually wagering requirements attached and the money will be considered a Bonus Balance until you fulfil all of the necessary conditions. All of our ReefSpins promotions display clearly the wagering requirements that are included and what games are allowed to be played. Contact Us if you have any questions about a specific offer that we have here at ReefSpins. More generally, check out our Terms & Conditions page for details on wagering and game weighting.

Free Bonuses:

Another top perk of playing with us right here at ReefSpins is that we offer free bonuses, auto-credits, free spins and coupon codes regularly. These usually come with wagering requirements and are also considered Bonus Balance until the conditions are all met. All of our ReefSpins promotions might have different details, but they will always be clearly displayed. Contact Us if you have a question about a specific ReefSpins promotion or bonus.

Rewards such as free spins, auto-credits, free bonuses and coupon codes are among the many perks of playing with ReefSpins. Free Bonuses given out by ReefSpins typically come with wagering requirements and they are considered as a “Bonus Balance” until the wagering requirements have been met. Each promotion that is offered at ReefSpins should provide information on how much wagering is required and what ReefSpins games are allowed for play. If you have any questions that you would like to ask about a specific free offer, please Contact Us. More generally, you can always check out our Terms & Conditions page for details on available ReefSpins games, plus wagering and game weighting.

4.2: Why was my ReefSpins coupon request denied?

There are a variety of reasons why a coupon request might be denied by ReefSpins. This can include that the code has expired, or that you do not meet the required VIP level for the offer. If you want to check why your coupon was denied as you feel it was a mistake, Contact Us.

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5. Documents & Security at ReefSpins

5.1: How safe is my personal and payment information with ReefSpins?

ReefSpins takes protecting your personal and payment information very seriously. This means that we keep them as secure as the highest industry standards allow. If you want more information on how we collect, store, and use your data, check out our Security Policy here

5.2: Why am I being asked to submit verification documentation at ReefSpins?

Verification documentation is needed so that we can check you are who you say you are. This protects both the casino and all of our players at ReefSpins. More information on how we collect, store, and use your data is available in our Security Policy, so check it out.

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6. Improving ReefSpins FAQs

We update our FAQs on a regular basis to make sure everything our VIPs are likely to ask. The most common questions asked are constantly tracked and monitored to make this page as effective as it can be. However, we might have missed something out! If you think this is the case, please do not hesitate to Contact Us – we would really appreciate it.

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Thanks for playing at ReefSpins and good luck on all your favourite games!